Who will the Hall call?

Very interesting Hall of Fame announcement at 3 p.m. Which candidate will zoom up to 75 percent of the vote to gain entry into the Hall of Fame and join Golden Era nominee Ron Santo in Cooperstown?

Best chance:

1. Barry Larkin, SS, Reds – Had 62.1 percent last year. This will be his third year of eligibility.

2. Jack Morris, P, Twins, Tigers – Got 53.5 percent last season. This is his 13th year on the ballot.

3. Jeff Bagwell, 1B, Astros – Got 41.7 percent last season. This is his second year on the ballot.

4. Lee Smith, closer, Cubs, Red Sox – Got 45.3 percent last year. This is his 10th year on the ballot.


A reach:

1. Edgar Martinez, DH, Mariners – He’d be the first ever fulltime DH. Got 32.9 percent last season.

2. Allan Trammell, SS, Tigers – A personal favorite. To me if Larkin gets in, Trammell should be in. This is his 11th year.

3. Mark McGwire, 1B, A’s, Cards – 19.8 percent last year. The steroid stuff has killed him.

4. Fred McGriff, 1B, Jays, Rays – 17.9 percent. Great stats but his numbers don’t seem to wow anyone.

5. Dale Murphy, CF, Braves – A bit of a surge last season, a two-time MVP who will in his 14th seson on the ballot. Very underrated guy.

6. Larry Walker, RF, Expos, Rockies – Got 20.3 percent last year. But probably doesn’t have legs to get better.

7. Bernie Williams, CF, Yankees – First time on the ballot, we’re all interested to see what his first vote total will be.

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