A little more on Crawford’s diagnosis

Earlier today, we blogged a little about Carl Crawford and his wrist surgery. Ben Cherington went into a little more detail this afternoon when asked about the timing.

“In this particular case, based on the research we’ve done, based on the conversations we’ve had, I don’t think there’s anything we could have done, practically speaking, sooner. The facts are that he ended the season and was essentially asymptomatic and expressed he felt fine and felt normal, as normal as he would going into any offseason,” Cherington said.

“When you have a case like that the last thing we would do is be proactive in exploring a surgical solution for a player when there’s no direct evidence that that’s needed. In this particular case I don’t think anything could have been done differently and I think the medical staff handled it as well as they possibly could, and Carl handled it as well as he possibly could. As soon as he started ramping up and felt a little bit of a difference he called us immediately and we had him checked and had the additional MRI done and the MRI showed a little bit of a change from the one we did when we signed him so we decided to go in and clean up that area and he should be back early in the season.”


Obviously how the player reacts is part of the process.

“We have to trust the player. They’re the one out there playing,” Cherington said. “If they feel like their body is good enough to play, and they’re OK to play, the last thing we would want to do is introduce a concern to them unnecessarily because then you start getting into issues of confidence and things of that nature that are clearly things we want to avoid.”

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