Josh Reddick had same wrist surgery as Carl Crawford

Josh Reddick, who was traded to the Oakland A’s in the Andrew Bailey deal, said he had the same surgery to his wrist that Carl Crawford recently had.

Reddick, attending this evening’s Boston Baseball Writers’ Dinner at the Westin Copley in Boston, said, “I think it was the exact same surgery (cartilage). It’s not that tough of a rehab process as long as you’re there working out – and we know Carl always works out – he’ll be just fine.

“From what I’ve read he’ll be missing opening day and at most he’s gonna miss maybe a week. You don’t want to come back too quick from it, but he’ll be fine.


Reddick said the pain was rough unless he got shot up with pain killers, so he felt the surgery would relieve it. He had the procedure about eight weeks ago.

“You can’t bear it unless you’re drugged up a bit. But it’s very manageable,” Reddick said.

Reddick is penciled in as Oakland’s starting right fielder. He took a cruise recently, but on the flight back he watched “Moneyball” on the plane.

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