Kevin Youkilis: Red Sox ‘didn’t have the best vibe’ last season


This will not come as any shock. But Kevin Youkilis said tonight that the Red Sox “didn’t have the best vibe in the clubhouse” last season.

“It was very different. It was noticeable early, but when you win, winning heals all the wounds. But we definitely didn’t have the right attitude in a lot of ways,” Youkilis said.

“We were worrying about things that we shouldn’t have been worrying about and not playing the game of baseball. I think this year, with the coaching staff that’s coming back, they saw things we can change. We’re going to all can sit down and talk about it and basically, play the game.


“It’s just playing the game and not worrying about other stuff and the media hype and things that are going on. Because if you’re going crazy with that stuff, it’s going to eat you all up. If you just play the game, not worry, not read what’s put out there, everything that’s said, it handles itself.”

Youkilis spoke before an event at the State Room to support his charitable foundation, Youk’s Kids. Singers Gavin DeGraw and Ayla Brown provided the entertainment.

Youkilis also commented on some other topics:

His health after undergoing surgery for a sports hernia: “I’ve been cleared. For the past two weeks, I’ve felt great, my whole body. There are little things here and there, this time of year, you have to get going and ramp it up. I’ve started to ramp up as much as I can, and I feel great, healthy [and] lifting with no restrictions.”

On Bobby Valentine: “It’s exciting to have him on board. He’s really pumped. It’s fun to have him going. It’s going to be a tougher spring training. We’re going to be working our butts off with Bobby. Not that we didn’t before, but I think we’re going to be hitting a lot more of the fundamentals.”


A few other notes:

Dan Wheeler signed with the Indians, taking a minor league deal. As such, the Red Sox will not get a draft pick for him. Wheeler was offered arbitration and declined. … Cody Ross said on Twitter that the Red Sox had given him No. 7. That was J.D. Drew’s number. Drew is a free agent and is likely to retire. … The Red Sox has swapped clubhouse managers. Joe Cochran, the home clubhouse manager since 1992, is going to the visitor’s clubhouse. Tom McLaughlin will shift from the visitor’s side to the home clubhouse. Cochran has been with the Sox since 1984, McLaughlin since 1986. … Valentine was asked about Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder joining the American League. “It almost seems like it’s getting to be the senior league and the junior league,” he said.

(Photo above is of Youkilis, Valentine and Sen. Scott Brown at the event tonight)

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