Valentine headed for the Super Bowl

Bobby Valentine, of course, is headed to the Super Bowl. He has been invited to watch the game from a suite with former Dolphins coach Don Shula.

No fool, Valentine predicted a Patriots victory last night. But he also admitted he was a Giants fan growing up in Stamford, Conn. Giants great Andy Robustelli, who passed away last year, was from Stamford and was a friend of the family.

“It was hard not to root for the Giants growing up,” Valentine said. “But I told Bill (Belichick) that I’ll be there and I’ll be there rooting for him.”


A few other bits of news:

* It seems that former Red Sox pitcher Dustin Richardson set records when it came to taking banned drugs. Based on his pitching, they didn’t work so well.

* It’s all but official that Jenny Dell will replace Heidi Watney at NESN according to Globe colleague Chad Finn. Presumably you know to work the Google on your own.

* Valentine last last night that the Red Sox were looking to add two “B” games to the spring training schedule. They wouldn’t be split-squad games against another team, however. He wants to find ways to ensure that all the pitchers get enough innings.

In speaking to Valentine, bench coach Tim Bogar and several of the players in recent weeks, it’s evident that the Red Sox will be working harder in spring training then they did in previous seasons.

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