Belichick the happiest guy in the world

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INDIANAPOLIS — So it seems I was misled.

Supposed big meanie Bill Belichick was downright charming today at his press conference. That would be the best word for it. He smiled at reporters, he told a few jokes and gave expansive and thoughtful answers.

He didn’t even flinch when asked a question from somebody representing “Hawaii Five-0.” I’m never trusting newspaper reporters again. The coach is the nicest guy ever.

Belichick was asked by one local TV type if he was looking forward to “Hoosier Hospitality.”

“I’ve never had too much hospitality here. Not until I went for it on fourth and two,” Belichick said, drawing a big laugh from the crowd.


Tom Brady also spoke, but I was farmed out to go ask questions to Matt Slater and Jerod Mayo. On the Globe Patriots depth chart, I’m pretty much Nick Punto.

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