Off to the Super Bowl

Greetings from Gate A-20 Logan Airport. It’s time for the Super Bowl.

Yes, I am the Red Sox beat writer for the Globe. But when my boss asked me to help cover the game, it seemed like it would be a fun thing to do. Plus I enjoy having a job and saying “yes, of course” seemed prudent.

Oddly enough, we’re fly to Cincinnati. Getting a reasonably priced flight to Indianapolis was fairly impossible, so we’re flying to Cincy and then driving. It’s only 90 minutes or so.

There are approximately 15 people from the Globe on this flight along with a bunch of Boston television folks. Mike Lynch says hello.


So here’s a dilemma for you: Because I travel all the time covering the Sox, I have status on Delta and was upgraded to first class. Should I give up my seat to my boss (or Dan Shaughnessy) or let them suffer in coach?

It would be too Eddie Haskell to do that, right?

(Let’s pause here for kids to look up who Eddie Haskell is.)

This week should actually be a lot of fun. I’ve covered the Final Four, the Olympics, the World Series and a few title fights in my career. But never the Super Bowl. I’m looking forward to seeing what all the ruckus is about. My ambition is avoid asking Bill Belichick asking any questions that will get me on SportsCenter.

Anyway, follow our Extra Points blog for football news. But I’ll check in here from time to time with observations from Indianapolis.

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