Welcome to Indianapolis


INDIANAPOLIS — I have learned a valuable lesson when it comes to traveling to Indianapolis. Go with Mike Vega.

Mike covers a little bit of everything for the Globe, including auto racing, and has been here 23 times for the Indy 500. So having Mike behind the wheel of the Globemobile from Cincinnati was perfect. He got us here in record time and we have already picked up our credentials and checked into the hotel.

Our crew also included Dan Shaughnessy and Zuri Berry from Boston.com. It was a fun drive and Dan graciously broke out some Bruce Springsteen on his iPod.


Caught up with Ian Rapoport of the Herald a little while ago. We worked at the same paper, The Journal News in White Plains, N.Y., a long time ago. Ian does a great job for the Herald.

That’s it for now. The Patriots are having a press conference later on and somewhere there is a bus I need to catch. Maybe I’ll get Mike to drive.

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