Fun with Super Bowl Media Day


INDIANAPOLIS — Media Day at the Super Bowl was every bit as silly as I expected. That was evident right away when I walked into Lucas Oil Stadium just after a guy dressed up in an orange and green super hero outfit, complete with a black mask and a cape.

In baseball, we talk about baseball during postseason interview days. The starting pitchers for the next game sit at a table and take questions, as do the managers.

At Super Bowl media day, football is not a particularly popular topic except for the handful of reporters who are actually here to cover the game. These were some of the questions I heard asked:


— Do you speak any German?

— What do you listen to on your iPod before the game?

— Do you have a message for the people of Mexico?


— You are a kicker, yes?

— What kind of shampoo do you use in your hair?

— Have you ever been to Hawaii?

— What kind of dance will you do if your team wins?

— Can you spell “Belichick?”

Meanwhile, Maria Menounos was edged out by pop star Ciara in the competition for who could wear the tightest pants while also wearing a football jersey contest. But Maria, the pride of Medford, gave it a heck of a shot.


A women from Mexico, meanwhile, wore a red dress that resembled body paint. It was so tight she could barely walk. Shockingly, she had no problems getting interviews. She came equipped with a sombrero that the players all happily wore on camera.

There were fans who apparently paid actual money to watch this. One guy wore a complete Tom Brady uniform, down to the eye black. Some reporters, bored with the actual players, ventured over to the stands to interview him. I assume the first question was, “My God, have you no shame?”

Ross Ventrone, he of the long hair and 21 transactions since Aug 10, claimed he was a poet. That quickly established him as the Media Day MVP because everybody with a notebook or microphone loves a scrub player who’s colorful.


Rich Ohrnberger and Ryan Wendell did promos for the television network in Germany despite not speaking any German. Their first take wasn’t good enough, however.

“You need more enthusiasm,” they were told by the producer.


They tried again, this time with big smiles and two thumbs up. The demanding Germans deemed that performance acceptable.

The Pats were on the field from 10 to 11 a.m. After a break for brunch, the Giants had their turn at noon. By then, the hordes had thinned a bit.

Still, somebody hung around long enough to ask Eli Manning if he was staying with his brother Peyton this week since both were in Indianapolis. Turns out Eli is an adult and was staying at team hotel.

The players on both teams smiled and laughed their way through the whole thing. One can only imagine how Josh Beckett or Kevin Youkilis would react in a similar environment. Somehow, I don’t see them doing promos for German television.

The Patriots have another interview session tomorrow morning. I believe they filter out the superheroes for this one. But hopefully Maria will be back. Stay tuned.

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