Cherington thinks landing a pitcher unlikely

WORCESTER — Red Sox general manager Ben Cherington told tonight that the chances of landing a pitcher like Roy Oswalt and/or Edwin Jackson are unlikely prior to spring training.

Cherington, speaking to reporters before the Red Sox-NESN Town Hall at Worcester Technical High School, said, “We wouldn’t rule out adding a starter, but I think it’s unlikely at this point. “We’re going to keep looking for ways to improve the team, including the pitching staff, I wouldn’t expect any major changes.”

Oswalt and Jackson remain the two best starting pitchers on the market, but both pitchers may have to settle for a one-year deal.


Cherington has commented that the Yankees and Rays probably look deeper on paper with their rotation, but Cherington has maintained a consistent approach to the offseason. Both Oswalt and Jackson have been made one-year offers, but they do not appear near the $8-$10 million either pitcher would be seeking.

Cherington reiterated that he felt comfortable with the roster as is.

“There’s elements of it we feel really good about and elements of it that we’d like to be stronger just like any year,” Cherington said. “We think the lineup is pretty balanced and I think we have some options in the bullpen and that can be a strength. We like the front of the rotation. We’re going to find out more about the end of the rotation in spring training and see if guys step up.”

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