Aceves signs; only Ortiz remains for Sox

Globe colleague Nick Cafardo had the news this morning. The Red Sox avoided arbitration with RHP Alfredo Aceves by signing him to a one-year deal worth $1.2 million with $100,000 available in bonuses based on starts or appearances.

The Sox had offered $950,000 in arbitration with Aceves seeking $1.6 million.

Aceves is going to camp as a starter but could end up in the bullpen or in some sort of hybrid role. He was 10-2 with a 2.61 ERA in 55 appearances last season after being released by the Yankees.

Now the Red Sox have one unsigned arbitration-eligible player: David Ortiz. Big Papi is seeking $16.5 million with the Red Sox offering $12.65 million.


Ortiz told ESPN Deportes that he was hoping the sides would agree on a multi-year deal. Ben Cherington has said for several weeks now that a one-year deal was the likely result.

There is no word when the arbitration hearing would be. They were scheduled for Fen. 2-17, so presumably sometime soon.

The Red Sox have not gone to a hearing with a player since 2002 when they could not settle with pitcher Rolando Arrojo. In arbitration, a three-person panel would hear the cases and select one of the offers.

Ortiz is essentially a signed player. It’s just a matter of whether the two sides hammer out a deal or the panel picks one. Negotiations can continue right up until the hearing.

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