Ortiz, Red Sox come to an agreement


ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — The Red Sox and David Ortiz have settled their case and avoided an arbitration hearing, according to both Ortiz’s agent, Fernando Cuza, and Sox general manager Ben Cherington.

Ortiz received a one-year deal worth $14.575 million. He was here at the Vinoy Hotel, but left without commenting.

Cherington said once the sides met face-to-face, they were able to agree on the midpoint of the figures each proposed — $12.65 million and $16.5 million.

Why couldn’t this have been resolved earlier?

“It just one of those things that when we all had everyone in the room together it just made sense that we would get to the midpoint and get it done,” Cherington said.


Asked if Ortiz was happy, Cherington said, “You have to ask him, but he seemed to be.”

Cherington said there were other things discussed, but would not comment on whether a multiyear deal was reached. Ortiz had been seeking a two-year deal, but the sides were mainly focused on dealing with the events of the day.

The hearing had been scheduled for 2 p.m. Cherington said the sides began talking again on Sunday and felt there was progress being made. But the face-to-face meeting and the threat of a three-hour hearing seemed to get this moving.

Cherington said the raise Ortiz will receive should not affect any impending moves the team is trying to make including the possibility of adding a starting pitcher like Roy Oswalt.

“We always told David we were happy to have him back and wanted him back on our team this year and we made that clear again to him,” Cherington said.

Cuza said that, “both sides are very happy with the deal and we’ll leave it at that. This is a process and once we got together and talked it out it made sense to get a deal done and move on.”

Cuza would not comment on whether the subject of a multiyear deal was broached.


“It’s just best we don’t get into other things,” he said.

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