Red Sox coverage in today’s Globe — and some news from the Globe

Pitching coach Bob McClure does not find it that complicated to move Daniel Bard into the rotation. Nick Cafardo has the story.

The notebook has Josh Beckett among the early arrivals.


There’s also a little news from the Globe for you. Bob Ryan will retire after the Olympics this summer but stay with the paper in a part-time role.

If you grew up reading the Globe, a large percentage of your sports knowledge probably came from Bob. He’s a Hall of Famer in every way and the best NBA writer there ever was along with being an award-winning general columnist. Getting the oppprtunity to work with him has been an incredible honor.


Two quick stories:

• When I was at UMass and the sports editor of the Massachusetts Daily Collegian, Bob came to the old Curry Hicks Cage to cover a Temple-UMass basketball game. For two days, I pestered sports information director Howie Davis to let me sit next to Bob on press row.

Howie finally gave in. I asked Bob a bunch of questions about how to get into the business that he graciously answered. Then I had one of our photographers sneak a photo of me sitting next to him. I still have it.

• I tagged along with Bob to two college basketball games in Indianapolis last week while we were there for the Super Bowl. I can’t tell how many times people stopped and asked Bob for an autograph or to pose for a photo. He was so nice to everybody and it was not an act. He loves what he does and he loves sports.

It’s a big loss for the Globe but it’s great that Bob gets to go out on top and enjoy himself. Here’s hoping he’ll come hang out at Fenway more than a few nights this season.