Good morning from Fort Myers

FORT MYERS, Fla. — JetBlue Park is on one of the busiest roads in Fort Myers, Daniels Parkway. It’s a six-lane road with a median and plenty of lights.

The new park is just a few miles from the airport, so the traffic in the morning is pretty heavy. It’s not quite the Southeast Expressway, maybe more like Route 9.

As of yet, there is no traffic light at the new park, so taking a left across three lanes in the morning is an exercise in patience or courage.

For the last two days, two cops have the unfortunate task of waiting for the line of cars trying to take a left to build up then walking into the street and stopping traffic. That can’t be a fun job.


Hopefully they get it straightened out before the games start, or getting in and out of here is going to be a chore for the fans.

As for the Red Sox, today is the second workout for pitchers and catchers. Jon Lester, Clay Buchholz, Alfredo Aceves, and Daniel Bard will be among the pitchers throwing in the bullpen.

Met a few blog readers at yesterday’s workout, which is always fun. One older gentleman, about 75 or so, told me that he gets all his baseball news online and he’s encouraging his son to start reading blogs and Twitter. How great is that? Maybe there’s hope for my business after all.

Check back later, we’ll have you covered. And thanks for reading, especially you old guys.

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