Doctor sheds some light on the Jenks case

FORT MYERS, Fla. — Dr. Mitchel B. Harris of Brigham And Women’s Hospital said tonight that Bobby Jenks’ surgeon, Dr. Kirkham Wood, is a highly qualified surgeon and it was unlikely he did anything to cause the complications.

“It is certainly possible that after the operation there was no tear but a change in the overall position of the bone subsequent to the surgery caused it,” said Harris, who is the chief of BWH’s orthopedic trauma service. “That complication would result in those symptoms.”

An infection, “would be a combination of some bad luck,” according to Harris.


Harris said having bone spurs removed from the thoracic (or middle) part of the spine was an unusual operation. The decompression surgery, he said, can become more complicated if too much bone is removed.

Harris explained that some tears in the material that surrounds the spine close on their own but that some have to be surgically addressed. Harris said Jenks surely would have been told about the possibility of such complications.

“It’s highly unlikely something happened in the operating room that caused this,” Harris said. “It would more likely be something that evolved after.”

Harris stressed that he was speaking in general terms and did not know the specifics of Jenks’s case.

Greg Genske, Jenks’s agent, did not return several calls seeking comment.

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