Sox angered the karma gods in Game 162

FORT MYERS, Fla. — In an interview with NESN last night, Dustin Pedroia revealed a heretofore unknown detail about Game 162 last season.

During the rain delay in Baltimore — when the Red Sox were winning and the Rays were losing — the Sox handed out scouting reports for the Division Series.

Said Pedroia: “It was weird, once we were up 3-2 I remember the rain delay and I remember coming in and I’m kind of ratting them out but we had two idiot advanced scouts handing out ALDS books for each team. And I was locked in, I was focused, I was pacing and I didn’t think the rain was going to last. I told Bill [Broadbent], the video guy, ‘You got to have these guys get this stuff out of here, we still have a long way to go.’ The Yankees were up 7-0 or whatever. Then all of a sudden, I don’t know if that was bad karma or what but I remember just walking off the field and that was it, you couldn’t go play tomorrow.”


You know how that worked out. Perhaps the Red Sox will actually worry about getting in the playoffs this season instead of assuming they’re in.

Thanks to Tom Caron for the heads up on this.

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