Red Sox infielders taking lots of grounders

FORT MYERS, Fla — Infielders are taking ground balls endlessly at Red Sox camp.

There will be no shortage of practice reps, that’s for sure. Sox infielders will be prepared.

“It’s different than any camp I’ve ever been in,” said Nick Punto, the former Twins and Cardinals infielder. “This is fabulous. Everybody is getting a lot of work in. I’ve been able to move around and not stay in one place. The pace is really good. It’s a lot of fun.”

Punto said even with the grounders his body doesn’t feel as beat up because manager Bobby Valentine has eliminated shagging in the outfield. That’s often a tedious, futile exercise where players can spend up to 45 minutes in the outfield.


While Valentine is a big fan of old-fashioned infield practice — which teams have gotten away from over the years — he still hasn’t decided whether the Sox will practice infield during the season. A few teams still do it in part, the Twins and the Orioles among them.

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