Good morning from Fort Myers

FORT MYERS, Fla. — Happy Leap Day, y’all. Enjoy your Feb. 29.

Meanwhile the e-mails and Tweets come every day. How does Jose Iglesias look? What do you think of Alex Wilson?

It’s hard to say watching practice. Sure, Iglesias looks great fielding grounders and Wilson throws a lot of strikes in the bullpen. But until the games start, you really can’t judge how much a player has improved.

Thankfully the games are coming. The Red Sox have a workout today and a “B” game against the Twins tomorrow. The college doubleheader against Northeastern and BC will be on Saturday and the Grapefruit League opener will be on Sunday.


The pitchers and catchers will get a day off on Friday, something built into the schedule. The pitchers have been throwing a lot in this camp — much more than last year at this time — and they could use the day.

If you’re on the Twitter, follow @PeteAbe for updates throughout the workout.

And of course check back here later for more.

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