The pitching order for the B game

FORT MYERS, Fla. — In our unending quest to bring you coverage of today’s crucial B game, we can report that the order of Red Sox pitchers will be Aceves, Bard, Mortensen, Carlson, Pena, Wilson, Britton, Inman and Thomas.

We’ll pause here for folks to say, “Who the heck are Mortensen, Inman and Thomas?”

Clayton Mortensen is the pitcher they obtained from the Rockies in the puzzling Marco Scutaro trade. Will Inman is a righthander who has been with the Brewers and Padres and just turned 25. Justin Thomas is a lefty who has 20 games of big league experience with the Mariners and Pirates.

Also, Scott Baker is starting for the Twins, not Nick Blackburn.


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