Ortiz plays first again; A-Gon may see action in outfield

FORT MYERS, Fla – David Ortiz isn’t hugely crazy about the idea about playing first base in spring training, but he was back into tonight’s lineup vs. the Twins. Ortiz also played first base vs. Boston College.

Bobby Valentine said he wants Ortiz and Adrian Gonzalez to get used used to playing those position to prepare for interleague play. Valentine also needs a backup for Gonzalez if he should get hurt. Ortiz seems to be it.

Valentine said he didn’t think Ortiz would play too much.

“If he gets his little foundation in, working the PFPs the way he’s been doing, and then taking it into the game. I don’t know it will take many more games. Maybe a couple of rerfreshers before end of spring, but not many.”


Valentine also said he would probably use Gonzalez in the outfield a few games to prepare him for interleague play.

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