Crawford trying to stay patient

FORT MYERS, Fla. — Carl Crawford spoke to reporters this morning for the first time since the news that he was being shut down for a week because of inflammation in his surgically repaired left wrist.

“Just took in stride. There’s not too much I can really do. I can just go with the flow and do whatever I can do,” Crawford said.

Crawford didn’t blame the Red Sox for his woes, saying it was his fault for pushing too hard, too fast.

“I don’t think it was the [rehab] program. I think it was me pushing myself a little bit more just to see. Stuff like this happens,” he said. “You can’t predict this kind of stuff. It’s just a setback and we have to do what we need to do and keep moving forward.”


(As an aside, the Red Sox do seem to be making an attempt to cut down on how much they baby players and fret about injuries. There is much more of a focus on playing good baseball in this camp and less on the idea that they can stay healthy by avoiding certain activities. Case in point: David Ortiz playing first base twice already.)

Crawford can’t throw or swing a bat, so for now he’s conditioning and hitting the weights.

“I don’t have a timetable. I don’t know to be honest with you,” he said “I ain’t disappointed at all. It’s something I can’t control. I have to wait until it gets ready, my body feels strong. My hand actually feels strong. I just have to wait until that soreness goes away.”

Crawford said he usually likes to get a lot of at-bats in spring training. Obviously that isn’t going to be possible. It’s virtually certain he will start the season on the disabled list. From there is question becomes whether he would need a rehab assignment before being activated.

After the disappointment of last season, the Sox will want to make sure Crawford is fully ready to go before they put him in the lineup.

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