Final: Cardinals 9, Red Sox 3

JUPITER, Fla. — We’re about to begin here from Roger Dean Stadium.

Certainly a different looking St. Louis team without Albert Pujols, Tony La Russa and Dave Duncan. The Sox have brought a representative squad with the future left side of the infield with Jose Iglesias at shortstop and third baseman Will Middlebrooks.

We’ll be back with you shortly.

Top 1st: Red Sox 0, Cardinals 0: Jamie Garcia had a very strong inning for the Cards. Jacoby Ellsbury struck out swinging. Dustin Pedroia struck out looking and Adrian Gonzalez bounced back to the pitcher.

Bottom 1st: Red Sox 0, Cards 0: Beckett got the first two outs, but Matt Holliday doubled to left-center. Lance Berkman, getting into his first game, grounded out to first base.


Top 2nd: Red Sox 0, Cards 0: Garcia is on fire. He struck out two more Sox hitters – Darnell McDonald and will Middlebrooks while inducing a ground ball out to Jarrod Saltalamacchia.

Bottom 2nd: Red Sox 0, Cards 0: Quick and easy inning by Beckett aided by a nice backhanded pickup by Iglesias at shortstop, who popped up and made a solid chest-high throw to first base.

Top 3rd: Red Sox 0, Cards 0: A busy inning produced no runs. After Alex Hassan walked and advanced to third on Jason Repko’s single to right field, Iglesias’ ground ball to shortstop got Hassan throw out at the plate. Ellsbury and Pedroia each grounded out.

Bottom 3rd: Red Sox 0, Cards 0: Beckett’s allowed a two-out single to Rafel Furcal in his final inning. He will be followed by Felix Doubront.

Top 4th: Red Sox 0, Cards 0: Rain delay with Jarrod Saltalamacchia up with a 1-2 count with two runners on and nobody out.

Play resumed following a 36-minute delay

The Sox don’t score despite base runners. Adrian Gonzalez singled and went to third on Darnell McDonald’s double to left-center. The bases were loaded with two outs when Hassan walked, but Repko popped out to end the threat.


Bottom 4th: Red Sox 0, Cards 0: Felix Doubront, who has a good chance of sticking with the team either as the fifth starter or out of the bullpen, pitched a solid inning. he allowed an infield hit, but threw a DP ball which allowed him to pitch to the minimum number of batters.

Top 5th: Red Sox 0, Cards 0: Sox go down as the scrubs are in.

Bottom 5th: Red Sox 0, Cards 0: Doubront gets out of a bases loaded jam, strike outs the first two batters he faced before getting into trouble.

Top 6th: Red Sox 0, Cards 0: An Alex Hassan walk highlighted an uneventful inning.

Bottom 6th: Cards 3, Red Sox 0L Doubront had control issues with a walk and a single leading to a a bases-clearing triple by Matt Adams off Jesse Carlson.

Top 7th: Cards 3, Red Sox 0: One base runner for Sox, but that’s it.

Bottom 7th: Cards 3, Red Sox 0: Sox pitching at least holding it close.

Top 8th: Red Sox 3, Cards 3: Jose Iglesias keeps making the case that he’s best shortstop in the camp and that he can hit as his three-run triple to right would attest.

Bottom 8th: Cards 9, Red Sox 3: Chris Carpenter couldn’t find the plate in allowing three walks including the go-ahead run before being relieved by Garrett Mock. The Cards scored six runs in a horrible inning for the Sox on the mound and in the field.

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