Valentine said first cuts could come soon

JUPITER, Fla. — Bobby Valentine is planning to meet later today or Friday with Sox GM Ben Cherington to discuss when he can start making the first cuts.

Valentine wouldn’t mind a smaller group to work with.

“I’m looking forward to cutting down a bit,” he said.

Valentine mused, “With other organizations, it used to revolve around meal money and how long they’ve gotten meal money for. Let’s make sure they don’t get this week’s payday (type of thing). It doesn’t seem like we have that scheduled yet.”

Boston’s camp roster is at 62.


Valentine, asked if he had a “sleeper” in camp he said that he didn’t have a sleeper per se, but he has liked what he’s seen from pitcher Doug Mathis calling him “a very interesting young man.

“Chorye Spoone has awesome off-speed stuff. We’ll see how it all shakes out.”

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