Ozzie tossed, Valentine waves

FORT MYERS, Fla. — What do you expect from two of the most entertaining managers in baseball?

Ozzie Guilen was thrown out of the game in the sixth inning when he argued with first base umpire Tim Timmons that a nubber to first base should have been fair. He was also upset that Timmons made the call instead of the home plate umpire because the ball was in front of the bag and he couldn’t tell if it was fair or foul.

The ball was ruled foul and the Marlins missed scoring a run.

“A little excitement,” Guillen said. “Set the tone, protecting my players. That’s it. My first base coach told me the ball was fair, I got to believe him. We should be 3-3. That happens. Spring training for everyone,”


Ever been tossed in spring training?

“A few times, Guillen said. “What’s the difference between spring training and during the season? I do my job. The umpires have to do their job. The players have to do their jobs. My job is to protect the players. I don’t see this game different than other games.

“(The play) was kind of close but I didn’t know for sure. When you ask your coach and you trust your coaches,” Guillen said.

What did the umpire say?

“I don’t even know what he said. He just throw me out of the game and I went out after. They can hear what I say. I said that ball was fair,” Guillen said.

Did you say something he didn’t like?

“I hope I said something he didn’t like.”

Did Bobby give you a wave as you walked by?

“I didn’t see it. I would have told him to go (expletive) himself, too. That’s the way Ozzie Guillen is. I don’t mind getting ejected, that’s my job. If I don’t get ejected protecting my players I cant sleep at night. if I get ejected for a stupid reason. … I got to protect my players, that’s my job,” Guillen said.


Valentine’s wave goodbye seemed pretty harmless.

I asked him if he had ever been thrown out of a spring training game?

“I certainly hope not. Probably,” Valentine said after thinking about it.

Asked what Guillen was arguing, Valentine said, “It was lesson time. Ozzie was telling the first base umpire it wasn’t his call because the ball was in front of the bag. And he didn’t want to hear that.”

Did he say anything to Guillen?

“See ya.”

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