Red Sox ready to figure out their pitching

FORT MYERS — Bobby Valentine is getting ready to make some decisions about his pitching staff.

“We’re going to collectively map this thing out now,” he said today after the Red Sox lost, 8-4, against the Twins at JetBlue Park. “It’s about time to really figure it out. Probably going to make some cuts again so that we’re down to a real manageable number and we’ll have pretty definite spot that they’re going to pitch in.”

Valentine said he “not happy” with the bullpen because nobody has pitched in the role they’ll be in once the seasons starts.


“I’m a bit confused with the whole bullpen situation only because we haven’t been able to fit any pieces together” he said. “Confusion is filtering [down] and everyone is something other than settled. That’s where we have to go from here.

“I think all the pieces are there, but some of them are contingent upon the starters. … We need to start making it look like something other than a bunch of pitchers getting their work in.”

Valentine said the narrowing down process would start in a few days.

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