Doubront taking on the Marlins


JUPITER, Fla. — Four hours of sleep, a three-hour drive and it’s time for baseball here at Roger Dean Stadium. You know it’s going to be a fun day when you ask the 7-11 clerk if that’s the biggest Red Bull they have then buy two of them.


Anyway, Felix Doubront is looking for at least five innings today against this Marlins lineup:

Bonafacio CF
Coghlan LF
Sanchez 1B
Buck C
Kearns RF
Murphy 3B
Solano 2B
Green SS
LeBlanc LHP

Yes, that’s Nick Green.

Miami stud Giancarlo Stanton, out with a knee injury, hit a ball in batting practice that went over the fence, a parking lot and a two-floor building with a peaked roof. My sources here (a grounds crew guy) said the building is 450 feet away.


As David Ortiz said, “Expletive, expletive, expletive!”

“Never seen anything like it,” said Cody Ross, a former Marlin. “He’s amazing.”

Actual conversation:

Logan Morrison: “Good to see you, Bobby V.”

Bobby Valentine: “LoMo, I like your style.”

Since we’re here in one piece, might as well do updates. So check for them later on.

(The photo is of Valentine working with Jose Iglesias.)

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