Ellsbury likely out for 6-8 weeks

How many times has Jacoby Ellsbury slid into second base and hopped up right away?

Today, he was a victim of bad timing. And now baseball sources are saying he has a dislocated or at least partially dislocated, shoulder and will miss 6-8 weeks.

The Sox had Ellsbury on first and Kelly Shoppach on third with one put in the fourth inning. Dustin Pedroia was at the plate.

On a 3-and-1 pitch. Ellsbury took off and Pedroia fouled the ball off. Ellsbury took off again on the 3-and-2 pitch and this time Pedroia hit the ball sharply, right at second base.


Rays shortstop Reid Brignac had an easy play, just step on the bag and throw to first. But because Ellsbury was running, he was close to the base and could take Brignac out.

“He was breaking on the pitch. I held my ground, just caught it and got rid of it. Like every infielder does in that situation,” Brignac told the Globe’s Mike Whitmer and other reporters. “We leave our feet, because when people are trying to take you out, or break up a double play, when your feet are stuck in the ground [and] that’s how people break knees and ankles. We’re taught to catch, throw, and get off our feet.”

As Ellsbury slid under Brignac, the shortstop came down right on his shoulder.

“I remember my butt and back landing on him, then I rolled over; it was basically on top of the bag; as soon as I landed on him, I knew something was not right,” Brignac said.

“I could hear him, and it sounded like a very painful thing. It happened so fast, I kind of landed on him, rolled off, and he was yelling and screaming a little bit.”

Brignac said several times how badly he felt and how unfortunate the whole thing was.


It was just one of those things. If Ellsbury is not running, he never even gets to second base. If Pedroia had grounded the ball a little more to the shortstop side of the bag, Brignac would have flipped to Jeff Keppinger and Ellsbury would have come in at a different angle.

In essence, Ellsbury paid the price for playing the game right.

If Ellsbury suffered a dislocation, or a subluxation in medical terms, that is the injury Derek Jeter suffered on Opening Day in 2003 when Toronto’s Ken Huckaby fell on him at third base.

Ellsbury suffered fractured ribs nearly two years ago to the day — on April 11, 2010 in Kansas City. That caused him to miss much of the season

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