Luke Scott on Fenway: ‘Get a new park’

Rays designated hitter Luke Scott hasn’t been shy about sharing his feelings regarding Fenway Park and Red Sox fans: He doesn’t like either. Scott isn’t in the lineup for today’s Red Sox home opener — he’s missed the last three games with a hamstring injury — but expanded a bit in the Tampa Bay clubhouse before today’s game on the park that’s celebrating its centennial and the fans who flock to it.

He reiterated his complaints about Fenway Park.

“I’m talking purely from a place to come and work,” Scott said. “We’re sandwiched in here like sardines, there’s one small [hitting] cage that’s way the heck over there. To come here and do my job, it’s not as easy, it’s not as comfortable. That’s what I’m more concerned about. I’m concerned about how’s the park play, is it going to be a good place for me to come and get my work in to where I can give it my best?”


Without being asked, he offered a suggestion.

“They should do like New York did and get a new one, get a new park,” Scott said. “Wrigley Field, same thing. If you want to make it a monument – this is all my opinion – make it a monument and play a few games a year here, by all means. But build a big state-of-the-art stadium. Have Boston build a bigger stadium, you could model it the same way, put in more seats, they would pack it. People come out here in droves.”

Asked if he was expecting a loud, negative reaction from Red Sox fans when he was introduced before the game, Scott was complimentary, in a backhanded sort of way.

“Every baseball team, every city is going to have fans that can be obnoxious, that’s part of the game,” Scott said. “Does it fuel players sometimes to play better? Yeah, it does. Just like anywhere else, you’ll find some people who go about cheering for their team in a different way, that’s not as clean as others, and that’s their decision.

“I believe the Boston fans will come out and support their team, as they’ve done for many, many years. I don’t play for the Red Sox, I play for the Rays, that’s who I’m excited about.”

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