Sox don’t expect to add another outfielder

The Red Sox don’t expect to add another outfielder to replace Jacoby Elllsbury, who is having the MRIs of his injured shoulder looked at by Dr. Lewis Yocum in Los Angeles.

Sox general manager Ben Cherington said that while the Sox always do their due diligence and have their radar up, he doesn’t expect a team will trade a good center fielder this early in the season.

Cherington feels he’s protected well with the outfielders on his roster.

Cherington also indicated the team still believes Ellsbury can recover without surgery but will wait for Yocum’s findings.


“Over the next several days we’ll have a better feel for how he’s responding. We’ll have a better feel for what the next steps are,” Cherington said following Monday’s 1-0 loss to Tampa Bay.

“At this point, our belief is he can recover from this without surgery but we’re still gathering information,” Cherington said.

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