Youkilis dropped down in order

Kevin Youkilis was dropped to sixth in the batting order for Wednesday night’s game. He is 6 for 34 (.176) with one extra-base hit and 12 strikeouts.

Youkilis has not hit this low in the lineup since July 22, 2008.

“Yeah, maybe just a little,” Bobby Valentine said when asked if he was trying to ease some pressure on Youkilis. “Maybe just a little something different for him, you know? Gets that one pitch. We’ve all been there. A bloop away.”

Youkilis has an unorthodox swing, his hands high and spread apart on the bat before he loads up. He has been working to try and get his timing and rhythm back.

“It’s a very unique approach that he has. I’m sure he’s just one click away,” Valentine said. “He’s working as hard as anybody’s ever worked to try and find it.”


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