Ortiz: ‘We need to step up and do something’

The Red Sox have scored three runs or less eight times in 13 games this season. They have allowed six runs or more six times.

Right now, this is a team that does nothing well. It’s easy to say they recovered from an even worse start last season. But the memories of September still linger.

David Ortiz said it best after today’s 6-2 loss.

“We’ve got the talent. We just need to execute. You’re not going to spend the whole season just thinking about the talent that we have. We have to win games. We have to provide the opportunity to win games,” he said.


“I know that in everybody’s mind it’s the beginning of the season or whatever. But what’s it going to take, until July for us to start winning? We need to step up and do something different and make things happen.”


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