Valentine says Red Sox have hit bottom

Red Sox owner John Henry made a rare appearance in the clubhouse after the game and met behind closed doors with manager Bobby Valentine and general manager Ben Cherington after Saturday’s 15-9 loss to the Yankees.

The Sox were up, 9-0, before giving up 15 runs in the sixth, seventh, and eighth innings.

“It all happened pretty quickly. It’s all kind of confusing right now,” Valentine said after the game. “I think we’ve hit bottom. That’s what I told them after the game. You have to sometimes hit bottom. If this isn’t bottom, then we’ll find some new ends to the earth I guess.”


Valentine said the Sox would “maybe” reconsider roles on the pitching staff to fix their bullpen.

“Got to consider everything,” Valentine said when asked if Daniel Bard could go back to the bullpen.

Valentine was booed progressively louder with each of the five pitching changes he made.

“I’ve been booed in a couple of countries, a few different stadiums,” he said. “I don’t want to be booed. I want the good decisions. This just didn’t work out.”

Only a few players agreed to speak with reporters after the Red Sox lost a nine-run lead.

“It sucked,” shortstop Mike Aviles said. “That’s it. There’s no other way to talk about it. That shouldn’t happen. We should play better all around. There’s nothing really else to say. It wasn’t fun. I’m sure it was fun on the other side but it wasn’t fun on this side.

“I can tell you right now I’m probably not going to sleep all too well tonight. That’s just because I don’t like losing. … We have to figure out how to turn this thing around.

“In all honesty, I don’t want to see it if it gets any worse. It just hasn’t been a good time lately. Baseball hasn’t been all that great now for us. I mean, if this is bottom we’re good because there’s nowhere else to go but up, right?”


Outside of Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Felix Doubront, and Matt Albers, no other prominent players were willing to speak to the media.

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