Valentine ready to take his cuts

Red Sox GM Ben Cherington said on Saturday that he was “very satisifed” with Bobby Valentine.

Valentine disagreed on Sunday.

“I’m not satisfied with the job I did. I don’t need to hear from Ben or ownership or fans or anyone else. I’ve got to do better,” he said.

In what way?

“Every way. Yep,” he said. “Hitters go in slumps; pitchers go in slumps; managers go in slumps. You know? You figure it out. The record is the only thing that I’m judged on.

“That’s how I judge myself. Pretty high standard. There’s been some good things. Just like players, some of the guys who are in slumps have played pretty well at times. But I don’t accept four wins in 14 games.”


So how does a manager get out of a slump?

“I like swinging my way out.” he said.

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