Bard willing to move to pen temporarily

MINNEAPOLIS — Daniel Bard indicated he told both Bobby Valentine and Ben Cherington that he’s OK with going to the bullpen for a couple of days after his start was skipped Sunday due to a rainout against the Yankees. But Bard said he asked the team not to pitch him in back-to-back days.

“I already told them back-to-back is out of the questions for health reasons,” Bard said. “I haven’t thrown one back-to-back all spring. It wouldn’t be fair to ask me. They were totally in agreement on that one.”

Bard is scheduled to make his next start Friday against the Chicago White Sox. Both Valentine and Bard think he will.


On whether this is temporary, Bard said, “I asked a lot of questions as to what their goals were in this. They said right now they had every intention of it being temporary and that I’d make my start on Friday. That’s where I’m at right now. I still view myself as a starter, and they said they do too. It’s where they said they want me in the long run. For now they want to address a need for a couple of days keep me from going 10 days without throwing. I told them I was OK for it for now.”

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“That’s the one thing I told them right away,” Bard said. “I’m totally willing to do this and told them it’s their decision how to use me so I was OK with it. I’m not not gonna be able to make eight guys pitch better. I can do what I can, and if that offers some comfort, maybe it can help everybody. I think that’s the goal.”

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