Schedule creates opportunity for Red Sox

MINNEAPOLIS — Here is the Red Sox schedule for the next 22 games:

April 23-25: At Minnesota (3)
April 26-29: At Chicago (4)
April 30-May 2: Oakland (3)
May 4-6: Baltimore (3)
May 7-9: at Kansas City (3)
May 10-13: Cleveland (4)
May 14-15: Seattle (2)

That’s 22 games against teams that were under .500 last season, 12 of them at home.

The Orioles, Indians, White Sox and Athletics are playing better than expected so far this season. But this is clearly a stretch where the Red Sox need to do some damage.

Can they get to .500 by May 15? That would require going 16-6, which seems unlikely given their roster at the moment. But 11-11 sure isn’t going to cut it.


The Sox got on a roll around this time last season and it went for four months. This team may not be capable of that. But if this summer is going to be at least a little interesting, something good has to happen soon.

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