Oil Can interview on ESPN tonight

Former Red Sox pitcher Dennis “Oil Can Boyd” who has a book coming out later this month, had some interesting things to say to ESPN’s Buster Olney this evening on E:60 tonight at 7 p.m. ET. on ESPN.

On pitching in Oakland in 1986 after having smoked cocaine prior to the game

“I can remember– goin’ and lockin’ myself up in the bathroom and smokin’ some dope right there at the ballpark… And I had it under the bib of my cap, inside the crease inside of the cap. And when I was warmin’ up in the ballgame– third, fourth innin’– it fell off my head…”


On not starting Game 7 of the 1986 World Series

“I had said to myself that if I wasn’t pitchin’ by the sixth innin’ of the ballgame, I wouldn’t pitch. And didn’t care if we won or lost…”

On what he did after hearing he wouldn’t be starting Game 6 of the 1986 World Series

“…when John McNamara tell me that I’m not pitchin’, I run right down the street to the (PU) crack house.”

Olney asked, “If you were to meet Jackie Robinson in another life, what would you say to him?

Boyd: “Why’d you do this? I don’t really think that Negro league baseball shoulda been broken up.”

Olney: “How come?

Boyd: “Because it was — it was individuality … I’m not real thankful to Jackie at all because I’m me – my style of baseball, the way I played it in the major league transpired from the Negro leagues. So that’s why people found that I was a hot dog or I was flamboyant.”

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