Youkilis put on disabled list; Beckett to miss start

Kevin Youkilis said a few minutes ago that his lower back started to loosen up today but he remains at least three or four days away from playing — if not longer. As a result, the Red Sox have put him on the disabled list.

“I had an irritated joint or whatever in the back that just has been happening for a little bit of time now,” Youkilis said. “Basically, the last couple of days have been bad and trying to get through it. Made great strides from yesterday to today. Things are going well but they want to get a step ahead of it and get me as healthy as possible.”


Youkilis said he had a breakthrough today working with team physical therapy consultant Dan Dyrek and that his back started to feel better.

“It’s going to take me three or four days, that’s what they’re telling me, of just trying to get through and not do too much baseball stuff where it can irritate it more,” Youkilis said. “For me it’ll be a little bit of time. But the good thing is they know what’s going on and it’s nothing like a surgery or a major injury.”

The news is not as good for Josh Beckett, who reported more soreness than usual after his start against Chicago on Sunday when he threw 126 pitches. Beckett will miss his start on Saturday and Aaron Cook will pitch in his place.

Cook will not be called up until then. In the meantime, the Sox have RHP Clayton Mortensen on the roster.

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