Inside the Fenway Park ‘sellout’ streak

In case you missed it, Bob Hohler (with the help of Seth Lakso) wrote a story today about the machinations behind the Red Sox sellout streak.

Basically, the Sox have a streak of tickets “distributed” and not tickets “sold” and Bob explains the difference.

The Red Sox value the perception their streak creates, the idea that tickets are hard to get and you should get yours as soon as you can. Obviously it’s better for a team’s bottom line if they sell a lot of tickets during the winter.

But I do wonder if at this point the perception has backfired on them. I run into people all the time who lament never going to Fenway Park because they feel like its impossible to get a ticket. The hear about the streak and assume it requires some sort of skill or luck to get a seat.


It’s like Yogi Berra once said, nobody ever goes there anymore, it’s too crowded.

Well as Bob and Seth aptly pointed out, Fenway is not as crowded as it used to be. Heck, they’re actually giving away tickets.

So if you’ve worn a groove into your couch and stared at your television for a few years because scene-making trendies have taken over your ballpark, be advised that there are good seats available.

Trust me, the place needs people who don’t scream at every fly ball to medium center field and understand why a groundball to second with a runner on second base and no outs is worthy of applause.

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