Beckett defends golf outing

Red Sox pitcher Josh Beckett understood why he was booed as he left the field after being removed from Thursday’s game in the third inning.

“I pitched like [expletive],” Beckett said in his postgame interview. “That’s what happens. Smart fans.”

But Beckett defended himself for playing golf two days before he missed a start last week.

“I spend my off-days the way I want to spend them,” Beckett said. “My off-day is my off-day.”

Beckett was skipped in the rotation Saturday, after he’d thrown 126 pitches April 29 and said he’d experienced soreness in his right lat muscle, a condition he said existed before the start. The Red Sox announced he’d miss a start, but then a report emerged that he was seen playing golf in the Boston area two days before the game he was scratched from.


“We get 18 off-days a year. I think we deserve a little bit of time to ourselves,” Beckett said.

Beckett was not placed on the disabled list. Thursday night, Beckett allowed seven runs on seven hits in 2 1/3 innings and he gave up a pair of home runs against the Indians.

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