Greetings from Gate 58

KANSAS CITY — Good morning from the Freddie Patek International Airport. We’re here waiting for a flight back to Boston after a quick three-day road trip to Kansas City.

There will be a 2004 reunion at Fenway Park tonight as Derek Lowe and Johnny Damon will be playing for the Indians. The only 2004 player on the active roster for the Red Sox is David Ortiz. How crazy is that?

Here’s hoping that the fans will cheer Johnny tonight. He’s 38 and hitting .167 (5 for 30) in eight games for the Tribe since being signed, so who knows when he’ll pass this way again?


This much I can tell you: nobody ever played any harder for your team. The 2012 Red Sox could use a few more guys who play with that kind of reckless abandon and desire to win that Johnny showed when he was in Boston.

Forgetful fans may want to boo Johnny because he went and played for the Yankees. But good memories should trump that. If it wasn’t for Johnny, who knows what happens in the ALCS that year?

Jon Lester will be holding a press conference this afternoon at Fenway to announce a fundraising project to benefit pediatric cancer research. Since the start of spring training, Lester has done his best to try and be a leader and get more involved in the community. It’s admirable that he is cognizant of such things, which is also why it must be so frustrating for him to be 1-3 with a 4.29 ERA in seven starts.

Anyway, time to board the plane. Hope you have a good day at work or school. I’m going to plug in some headphones and try to catch some sleep.

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