So, who was your favorite player as a kid?

Fred Lynn threw out the first pitch at Fenway on Friday night, zipping it in to Dustin Pedroia as the crowd cheered.

I mentioned on Twitter that every kid with a glove in New England in 1975 wanted to be just like Lynn and a bunch of people responded with memories of that season and how he was their favorite player growing up.

It seemed like a good idea for a blog post.

So, who was your favorite baseball player growing up and why?

My short list:

1. Doug Griffin. He was a second baseman 71-77 and was a fishing buddy of Carl Yastrzemski. As a kid, I remember thinking there must be no better life in the world than playing baseball and going fishing with Yaz.


2. George Brett. Thought the Royals had cool uniforms and he was their best player. Plus my dad told me his brother played for the Sox.

3. Jerry Remy. He was from Somerset. When Jerry played for the Angels I can remember looking at newspaper box scores and hoping he got a few hits because he was “one of us.”

4. Pudge Fisk. There was a time, boys and girls, when baseball players would drive to places and shake hands at car dealerships to make a few extra bucks. Pudge came to George O’Hara Chevrolet in New Bedford one day and I rode my bike to see him and stood in line to get something signed and shake his hand. He looked about eight feet tall.

He is at Fenway on occasion and I always want to ask him if he remembers going to New Bedford. But he still looks eight feet tall.

Tell us who your favorites were as a kid in the comments section. Let’s have a little fun.

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