Greetings from Gate C-32

Good morning from Logan Airport, which is named after General Edward Lawrence Logan, an officer in the Spanish-American War and World War I who was from South Boston.

According to his Wikipedia entry, he had nothing to do with aviation. Go figure.

Anyway, we’re headed to Tampa, Philadelphia and Baltimore for a planes, trains and automobiles trip that will encompass three cities and eight games in eight days. With the Sox finally playing reasonably well, it should be interesting.

The Sox have a game at Fenway Park this afternoon with fan favorite Josh Beckett taking on the Mariners. It’s also Tim Wakefield Day.


(A random Tuesday day game against Seattle is Tim Wakefield Day? Is the International Society of Knuckleballers having a meeting in Boston today or something?)

Went to the game on Sunday with my parents and my niece, who is 11. I searched in vain to try and buy her a Will Middlebrooks t-shirt. She settled for a Dustin Pedroia shirt.

There needs to be a section with Aceves, Padilla, Ross and Salty and those kind of guys, no? I’d totally want my kid to have a Padilla shirt. Nobody would mess with them at school.

It was fun sitting in the stands for a change. It was a beautiful day for a game, the Sox scored a bunch of runs and I tried to show my niece how to score the game. All in all, a great time.

I’m taking my 7-year-old nephew in August. His favorite player is Dusty Brown, who we saw at a PawSox game a few years ago. Sadly, Dusty is now with Triple A Round Rock in the Texas organization. I’m hoping he picks a new favorite player soon.

OK, time to board the plane and give a halfhearted effort to read a book before falling asleep. My colleagues will have plenty more on the blog later today on the game and I’ll have you covered from Tampa tomorrow.

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