Lucchino addresses Bentley graduates

Photo courtesy of Bentley University

Red Sox president and CEO Larry Lucchino addressed 1,114 graduating seniors at Bentley University today.

Via Bentley, here are some of the highlights from Lucchino’s speech:

Speaking to an estimated audience of more than 8,000, he urged graduates to “turn down” electronics and social media to hear their inspiration.

“Try not to let the roar of information pouring through your phones and computers deaden your intuition, overwhelm your critical judgment, or drown out the beautiful notes of your own inimitable song. Reduce Facebook. Limit the Tweeting. Take off the headphones. Listen for your song. Sing it out loud. Reconnect with people,” he said.


Lucchino paralleled Fenway Park’s 100th anniversary and the graduation. “I use the word “milestone” deliberately. We are not at the end of the journey. Both Fenway Park and your education are works in progress,” Lucchino said. “So, forever, we are joined by this year, 2012, a year which marks your great personal achievement, and Fenway Park’s historic achievement.”

A two-time cancer survivor, he also reminded graduates, “Life is harsh and difficult; it is sometimes terrible and often ridiculously unfair … Rest, relaxation, a smarter diet and regular exercise … are essential. So are loyal friends who can fill life, and a supportive family … Expect good times, enjoy them when they arise, but prepare yourself for the adversity that will inevitably come your way.

“Seek balance. A well-lived life is a balanced life. Don’t focus too early or too hard on your career. Deviate a bit. Embrace change.”

Lucchino challenged graduates to avoid the “me first” culture. “Remember that humility is life’s greatest achievement … cultivate it throughout your life and career. Humility does not extinguish self-confidence; it reflects it.”

He concluded with a message urging the Class of 2012 to start early to find a cause. “To consider yourself – and to be considered – capable is a good thing. To consider yourself – and to be considered – loving is even better. But to know yourself as generous is best of all. Generosity is its own reward.”


The day included Lucchino and Bentley president Gloria Cordes Larson — along with Red Sox mascot Wally the Green Monster and Bentley mascot Flex the Falcon — leading the crowd in singing “Sweet Caroline.”

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