Carl Crawford ready to test his elbow

Carl Crawford is set to start a throwing program Friday. It’s the latest — and most important — step in his rehab process from wrist and elbow injuries.

Crawford started the season on the disabled list recovering from surgery on his left wrist. That issue, he said, has completely cleared up.

“My wrist is great, I don’t even get treatment for that any more,” Crawford said. “It’s pretty much 100 percent at this point.”

The elbow became a problem in April and Crawford was diagnosed as having a partially torn ulnar collateral ligament. He was given PRP injection April 26 to speed the healing process.


“My elbow feels a lot better,” Crawford said. “We’ll know for sure once I start throwing.”

Crawford will start by basically playing catch and build up from there. Crawford needs to get to a point where he can make a throw from left field to a cut-off man. That would be the last hurdle to his starting a minor league rehabilitation assignment.

“I don’t know how long that will take,” he said. “I hope not too long. I hate not playing.”

Crawford has been running and taking batting practice on a regular basis and appears to be in good shape. Being able to throw is the last step.

“Hopefully all the rehab is going to pay off,” he said.

Crawford said that he has a “pretty good” relationship with Bobby Valentine after a rough start related to criticism Valentine had of the outfielder while he was a commentator on ESPN.

“At first I didn’t think we would probably get along that much,” Crawford said. “It’s better than I expected. He’s a hands-on manager and that’s like managers I’ve had in the past. He likes to teach and that’s what I’m used to. Teaching is always good. I’m a guy who always wants to learn more about the game. Information for me is always good. As of right now the relationship is definitely better than I expected and I’m looking forward to playing for him.”

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