Valentine meets up with Jones again

Chipper Jones is set to retire after the season. Bobby Valentine may be there just to make sure.

Jones hit .348 with a 1.033 OPS in 92 games against the Mets when Valentine was their manager. He hit 21 home runs and piled up 64 RBIs.

The Braves were the class of the National League East in those days and the Mets were always chasing them. Jones hit so well at Shea Stadium (.313/.407/.557 in 88 games) that he named one of his sons Shea.

“Chip’s been a thorn in my managerial side. That’s for sure. Terrific player,” Valentine said. “I’ve seen him for the better part of a couple decades. I saw him always rise to the occasion. He’s a special player. He’s one one those guys who are out there. He walked his talk and lived his dream and got everyone’s attention.”


Jones is in the Atlanta lineup as the DH tonight. He is hitting .279 with five homers and 25 RBIs.

“You think he’ll play all three games? Probably because of the DH, right?” Valentine asked. “Damn.”

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