HGH testing could expand in baseball

KANSAS CITY – Right now players get tested for HGH in spring only. But this offseason they are subject to random testing in the offseason as well. And beyond this? Right now the players do not get tested during the season.

Players Association head Michael Weiner said yesterday “What our agreement says is the parties will gather to discuss the possibilities of extending random testing to the postseason. Those discussions will happen at some point at the end of the year. We’ve begun to discuss with players their views on it. The spring training experience was designed to have every player experience this directly and what it was like to be tested.


“It’s one of thing to say to players ‘it’s only this much that’s being collected and it’s not that intrusive’ and it’s another thing for every player to experience it. And now every player has.

“We have just elected a new executive board with player reps and over the second half of the season, we’ll generate what the consensus is. There is at least a possibility, I’m not going to predict which way it’s going to go, there’s at least a possibility we could have in-season testing as soon as next year,” Weiner said.

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