Jeter: Boston is really where they boo

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Yankees second baseman Derek Jeter cracked a smile when asked about his teammate, Robinson Cano, getting booed by the Royals fans for not selecting Billy Butler for the Home Run Derby.

“Man, I played in the All-Star Game in Boston in ’99. It sounded like cheers Robbie got,” Jeter said. “They don’t just boo anybody. They booed him but I’m sure he’ll get over it.”

Jeter said playing on the same team as David Ortiz was fun. They’ve been on the same side seven times.

“That’s one of the things that you enjoy about the All-Star Game, is you get the opportunity to get to know some guys that you don’t know normally,” Jeter said. “You admire people from afar, but when you’re actually in the same clubhouse, you get a chance to know them and get to know their personalities.


“I’ve enjoyed getting to know David throughout the years.”

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