Greetings from Gate 57

KANSAS CITY — Good morning from the Bo Jackson International Airport here in Kansas City. The place is full of baseball people heading out after the All-Star Game.

Our next stop is Tampa. The Red Sox have a workout tomorrow night at Tropicana Field and then the season starts up again on Friday with Franklin Morales facing Jeremy Hellckson.

Jacoby Ellsbury is rumored to be returning.

The All-Star Game is fun to cover. It was my favorite game to watch as a kid because you could see all the NL players that weren’t normally on television. That isn’t the case any more but it’s still cool to see guys like David Ortiz and Derek Jeter on the same team along with up-and-coming stars like Mike Trout.


It’s silly that the game decides home field advantage in the World Series because the players treat it like an exhibition. Justin Verlander readily admitted last night that he was just throwing the ball as hard as he could and wasn’t concerned with the results.

At one point in the first inning, Prince Fielder yelled out that he wanted to see 101 m.p.h. and Verlander threw the next pitch exactly that speed. Pretty cool.

Now the real games that count are coming up. But first come a little time off. We’ll check in here as news warrants.

As always, thanks for reading.

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