Lester, Sox to celebrate cancer research fundraising campaign

The Sox and Jon Lester will team up to celebrate Lester’s NVRQT — short for “never quit” — cancer research fundraising campaign Monday at Fenway.

In collaboration with the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation, Lester launched the program this May after he reached five years of being cancer-free.

The event will take place during the White Sox-Red Sox game.

“After 5 years of being cancer free, my Dad was diagnosed with lymphoma,” Lester said in a press release. “Shortly after my son Hudson was born it really hit Farrah and me that kid’s cancer research would be our mission.

“When I look at Hudson, I can’t think about him having to bear some of the pain
that I went through, yet there are kids every day that are battling this disease and having to go through incredibly tough treatments. We want to attack the problem by supporting research through PCRF.”


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