Pedroia: Red Sox aren’t playing the game right

NEW YORK — Dustin Pedroia is no longer frustrated with the play of the Red Sox. He’s angry.

The de facto team captain had some harsh words for his teammates after Friday night’s 10-3 loss to the Yankees, accusing them of going through the motions at the plate in the later stages of the game.

“The first 100 games have been [lousy]. I mean, two games under .500? We’re the Boston Red Sox,” Pedroia said. “If anyone’s thrilled about where we’re at, we need to re-evaluate because I don’t like losing. I know everyone else doesn’t like losing. We’ve got to play better, man.


“We’ve got to play good, man. That’s the bottom line. We have great players, we just have to play good. That’s it. We didn’t. Their guys did. Late in the game they extended themselves from us. That’s what great teams do.

“We didn’t do anything. Our at-bats later in the game were not good. Swinging early in the count. I mean, heck, if their eighth-inning guy is going to come in the game let’s at least get 25, 30 pitches so maybe he can’t pitch tomorrow, you know? Do something productive and we’re not doing that. That’s a sign of not a winning team. Those are the little things we need to do better.”

The numbers back Pedroia up. The Red Sox saw 47 pitches over their final 15 at-bats, an average of 3.1.

“I still believe in us. You have to. The makeup of these guys and the way we work. I feel it’s only a matter of time,” Pedroia said. “I just hope we don’t run out of it. We’ve got to go. We’ve got to play well.”

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